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Philosophy of Agrocentrum Orava company

Fundamental rule: Human coexistence with nature in harmony


The main incentives of the Agrocentrum Orava company are:

- to support Orava region, to support the standard of living increase of regional inhabitants,

- to help with the development of rural country, traditional activities and crafts,

- to support the renovation and preservation of historical and cultural sights in the region,

- to perform all the activities with the respect of the environmental protection and protection of the country character,

- to utilize natural and redeemable resources which are available in the region with the concentration on their effective processing in the region with the fair impact on the environment,

- to support the increase of the tourism, the building of leisure-time activities with the intention to activate the development of human potential and environmental protection,

- to help with the development of information system which will support the development and good image of the region,

- to concentrate on aesthetic design of particular tourist objects, cleanliness of objects, environment, roads, and the whole urban areas with the intention to create initiative environment for the development of the tourism in the region,

- to support the increase of the educational and cultural level of inhabitants for the communication increase of inhabitants and tourists, to create the positive relation to tourists and to support the positive condition for tourism development in the region,

- to support the educational, professional and personal level of employees so that they can help to fulfil the demanding targets of the company ,

- to create new jobs for the employment of highly qualified experts and thus support to materialize Orava inhabitants with the university degree.

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