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Investment opportunities

Investment opportunities in Orava

Agrocentrum Orava is ready to assist you in finding lucrative investment opportunities in the Orava region in the Slovak Republic. Slovakia is now a member of the European Union, the largest free-market trading block in the world. As the country continues to make wise reforms (World Bank recently rated Slovakia as a the most successful country in reforms) and improves quickly its infrastructure, it is attracting many well established companies (Volkswagen, US Steel, Deutsche Telecom, Peugeot-Citroen, Kia-Hyundai, Siemens, Electricité de France, Ruhrgas, EON, Whirpool, AT&T, Dell, etc.). High returns on all prudent investments are eagerly expected in Slovakia.


Excellent setting

Orava region offers excellent environment for investment. It is one of the most beautiful regions of Slovakia with striking mountains, historical castles, biggest Slovak lake, thermal spas, ski resorts, charming valleys and rich in history and folklore. At the same time there is a very good industrial tradition mainly in electronics industry (TV sets, electronic parts, and electronic cables), machinery manufacturing (wheel tractors, machinery parts), manufacture of alloys, textile, food processing, crafts etc. Also its location is very convenient – at the border with Poland (near to tourist town Zakopane and to historical city Krakow), on the main route Slovakia-Poland, close to Zilina (with huge investment of Kia-Hyundai) and on the historical amber road from Baltic Sea to Adriatic Sea.


Attractive conditions

The price of properties, businesses, consumables and labour in Orava is still only a fraction (about 15% on average) of what they cost in nearby Western countries like Austria and Germany. Orava also has an educated and skilful population, a vibrant economy and good standard of living in a stunning natural countryside. For your investment projects there is also possibility to obtain financial support from the structural funds of the European Union. As the most attractive opportunities in Orava region we consider: ski parks, thermal spas, ski chalets, large building plots, middle size industrial companies and certain real estates in both the commercial and residential sectors.     

Here you can find the list of investors which are established in Orava region:

Matshushita Electronic Components, s.r.o., Trstená

PUNCH Campus, s.r.o., Námestovo

LG Philips Displays, Námestovo

Johnsons Controls, Námestovo

Vidox, a.s., Nižná

Hydac, s.r.o., Nižná

Padertec, s.r.o. Nižná

EBECO, s.r.o., Trstená

XPS Slovakia s.r.o., Nižná

ELKOND HHK, a.s, Trstená


With proper research - and the assistance of a trustworthy local company - Orava now offers a unique opportunity to maximize both the value and return of your capital investment. We are ready to assist you, provide you with backing up every step of the way to insure that you get exactly what you want. Affordably and Efficiently.

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