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Agrocentrum Orava, a.s. (joint stock company) was established in August 2004. The intention of the company global activities covers:

- to realize projects of tourism development,

- to support general tourism development in the Horna Orava region,

- to increase the knowledge about cultural, historical, and natural attraction of the region among potential tourists,

- to increase the information content of official web pages and to concentrate partial information sources into one complex and sophisticated unit,

- to increase the effectiveness of particular projects by the means of realization of the „Action plan of tourism development project in Orava“,

- to increase number of satisfied tourists incoming from different regions with the help of our own travel agency – „Oravatourist“,

- to realize projects of countryside tourism, with emphasised original and natural aspects ,

- to realize projects of agricultural production which will bring more diversity, intensification and tourist options

- to help potential investors in their effort to establish their projects in Orava region.

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